Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Desicrate Mummies and Detroit Police Station Shooting Released

Protesters in Cairo have destroyed two mummies housed at the Egyptian Museum which includes the world's biggest collection of Pharaonic antiquities. The Pharaonic mummies were destroyed during anti-government protests late Friday when protesters set the headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) on fire.

"I felt deeply sorry today when I came this morning to the Egyptian Museum and found that some had tried to raid the museum by force last night," Reuters quoted head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass as saying on Saturday.

"Egyptian citizens tried to prevent them and were joined by the tourism police, but some [looters] managed to enter from above and they destroyed two of the mummies," he said.

Located near the NDP headquarters in Cairo, the two-storey Egyptian Museum houses tens of thousands of historical objects in its galleries and storerooms, including most of the King Tutankhamen collection.

At least 100 Egyptian protesters have been killed during clashes with police.


Shooting In Detroit Police Station Released To The Public

4 Policemen were injured. Gunman was shot and killed during this fire fight.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Picture Update

A larger update. It's been awhile.
Apologize for the amount of Gif's.



 One Bad Granny

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 Vroom Vroom

Nice Shot

Didn't See You There

Alpha Cat

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Spider Kitty

Healthy Kittys

Got You


Zeitgeist Moving Forward Press Conference

For those of you wanting more:

On 01/16/11, at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York, a press conference took place with Zeitgeist Moving Forward's director Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, creator of the Venus Project, with partner Roxanne Meadows, and the New York State Zeitgeist Movement co-coordinators Keith Embler and Jacqueline Carboni.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey This Is Out!

Zeitgeist Moving Forward Full Version 2011

It's rather lengthy and heavy on US and World Markets but, Enjoy!

Edit #4: I am taking away the downloads for this and will update it with just youtube links only. If the youtube gets taken down, just drop a comment and i'll get one back up for you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Joe Rogan - The American War Machine

A great rant mixed with video montage.
Certainly hit home with me.

Teens Break Into Home : And Snort What They Think Is Cocaine

Check link to watch video:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

South Korean Boot Camps For Video Game-Addicted Teens

In South Korea, kids who miss school, become addicted to video games or join gangs will end up in a specialized military training camps for some discipline and education. In these camps, the teens are trained military-style with standard soldier routines complete with army uniforms under extreme conditions.

This training program is aimed to make the young soldiers stronger and more responsible. During the course, the trainees are not allowed to get any form of dependence from parents. They are on their own.

Inmates are pushed over assault courses and taught to ride horses, as well as being given therapy workshops on more creative pursuits. During the sessions, participants cannot use a computer and are allowed only one hour of mobile phone use a day to prevent them playing games via their handsets.
Enrolled in the Ansan training course, Kang Han-Sol, a 15-year-old boy said “My mom forced me to take this course because I have played video games too much. I hope this course would better me, so I could quit playing and give more focus on studying”. One of the training instructors added: “Nowadays, the children are selfish and really dependent to parents. They even become violent and disrespect the older. Moreover they easily quit whenever encountering problems. It can not be accepted in our country. For that reason, the parents would like to send their children to the military training course to help them to be better and win themselves”.

Source with more pictures:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Man Who Was Buried Alive Under 4 Meters Of Mud For 16 Hours Survives!

A Brazilian man has been rescued after being buried alive under 4m of mud for 16 hours.

Marcelo Fonseca, 42, became trapped when a mudslide ripped through his home near Teresopolis on Monday in Brazil's southeast during the worst floods in the country's history.

"When I opened the window I heard that loud thud and I only had time to run. When I ran and reached the front door it was such a powerful thing, that I only saw some pieces of the roof flying," he told Sky News today.

"My chest was being crushed by a stone and I was trapped — my two feet were trapped."

A journalist friend of Fonseca recorded the dramatic rescue but did not know who the victim was until Fonseco was placed on a stretcher.

The dramatic rescue came as the death toll from the disaster climbed above 700, with more bodies recovered from the devastated mountainous Serrana region near Rio de Janeiro.

Rio's state health and civil defence service, which gave the tally, also said around 14,000 people were homeless or unable to return to unstable areas.

The toll was likely to rise further in the days ahead as emergency crews backed by 700 military personnel used helicopters and four-wheel drives to access areas that have been cut off for days.

"I'm never going back there to live. Death will always be in that place," said Roberto Fabiano Augusto, a survivor rescued from the isolated village of Vale de Cuiaba.

More than 50 people died in his village, he said. His family managed to escape, but his neighbours did not. "A lot of my childhood friends died. I don't want to go back there to live," he told AFP after a helicopter brought him to the nearby town of Itaipava.

The man in charge of air rescues, Commander Luis Antonio Pinto Machado, said "there are still at least 10 areas cut off, which have populations from 500 to several thousand."

More with video HERE

Monday, January 17, 2011

Whistleblower To Turn Over Swiss Bank Account Info To Expose 'High Net Worth' Tax Evaders

The offshore bank account details of 2,000 "high net worth individuals" and corporations – detailing massive potential tax evasion – will be handed over to the WikiLeaks organisation in London tomorrow by the most important and boldest whistleblower in Swiss banking history, Rudolf Elmer, two days before he goes on trial in his native Switzerland.

British and American individuals and companies are among the offshore clients whose details will be contained on CDs presented to WikiLeaks at the Frontline Club in London. Those involved include, Elmer tells the Observer, "approximately 40 politicians".

Elmer, who after his press conference will return to Switzerland from exile in Mauritius to face trial, is a former chief operating officer in the Cayman Islands and employee of the powerful Julius Baer bank, which accuses him of stealing the information.

He is also – at a time when the activities of banks are a matter of public concern – one of a small band of employees and executives seeking to blow the whistle on what they see as unprofessional, immoral and even potentially criminal activity by powerful international financial institutions.

Along with the City of London and Wall Street, Switzerland is a fortress of banking and financial services, but famously secretive and expert in the concealment of wealth from all over the world for tax evasion and other extra-legal purposes.

Elmer says he is releasing the information "in order to educate society". The list includes "high net worth individuals", multinational conglomerates and financial institutions – hedge funds". They are said to be "using secrecy as a screen to hide behind in order to avoid paying tax". They come from the US, Britain, Germany, Austria and Asia – "from all over".

Clients include "business people, politicians, people who have made their living in the arts and multinational conglomerates – from both sides of the Atlantic". Elmer says: "Well-known pillars of society will hold investment portfolios and may include houses, trading companies, artwork, yachts, jewellery, horses, and so on."

"What I am objecting to is not one particular bank, but a system of structures," he told the Observer. "I have worked for major banks other than Julius Baer, and the one thing on which I am absolutely clear is that the banks know, and the big boys know, that money is being secreted away for tax-evasion purposes, and other things such as money-laundering – although these cases involve tax evasion."

[...] Elmer says: "I agree with privacy in banking for the person in the street, and legitimate activity, but in these instances privacy is being abused so that big people can get big banking organisations to service them. The normal, hard-working taxpayer is being abused also."


And today, the data exchange hands...
Should be interesting, for sure.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looks Like Pheonix Jones Needs To Start A League Of Superheroes

Best line "I'm trained for these sorts of things" heh.

An in-depth interview with the man:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reddit’s Astonishing Altruism

A Look at the Kind Heart of One of the Most Influential Communities on the Internet

25 of the most incredible examples of that unique brand of Reddit altruism.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Deeper Look Into The Mind Of The Arizona Shooter

Some more online footprints of Jared Loughner.
We've all seen the first youtube channel but then theres this:

His myspace(open in new tab to enlarge) :

His postings on a popular 'conspiracy theorist" forum:

One poster nailed it right on the head:

I have maybe made a mistake is my assessment of your avatar, because for that to be the case, you'd have to be at least somewhat rational, but I think youre frankly schizophrenic, and no that's not an amateur opinion and not intended as an uninformed or insulting remark, you clearly make no sense and are unable to communicate. I really do care.

Seek help before you hurt yourself or others or start taking your medications again, please. Maybe, it'd be better for some there be an infinite source of haldol or cogentin then fiat currency.

If anyone has any more links/vids to share. Please do so in the comments.
I find this stuff fascinating.

EDIT: Heres the Alex Jones angle. Basically saying the FBI infiltrates supremicist groups...plants the idea of an assasination or bombing, then lets followers commit the act.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real-Life Superhero Stops Car Robbery

A man claims to have come within seconds of his car being robbed when a real-life superhero named "Phoenix Jones" stepped in and chased off the would-be thief.

Embedding Disabled.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brazillian Wandering Spider - Who's Bite Gives You a Permanent Erection Resulting in Death

The spider that gives you a gift before it kills you!

The Brazillian Wandering Spider!

Another vid (embedding disabled) :

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Picture Update : Happy New Year!


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No one was killed! Relax.


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