Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Check This Guy Out

Hood's 60 Hour Ride at "The Egg"
Dudes riding a stationary bike for 60 hours! Straight.

The ride will be done in accordance with GWR rules, which include, but are certainly not limited to, a 5 minute break or "rest" for every hour completed on the bike. This time may be accumulated and used throughout the ride as necessary. During any given break, George will be off the bike for the duration of the break, which usually averages about 15 minutes or so. The clock you see continues to run during the break and as with any marathon, it is the total time at the end of the ride that will count. 

Update: 16 hours in. I think this guy has mental issues. Seriously.
Update #2 : 28 hours in. He's on a break. He's not lookin' so good. lol.

See Him Here


  1. Holy crap, 7 hours and he's still going. Major props to this guy for going through with this.

  2. OMG I cant even stay awake for that long.. Is he on drugs?

  3. that's crazy! i could never do that