Monday, March 14, 2011

Eggs Boiled In Children’s Urine Anyone?

Just when you thought you have heard it all, China serves you with a new one. This time served fresh as hard boiled eggs from children’s urine. In the province of Zhejiang in China, urine boiled eggs is a delicacy and locals can’t get enough of them.

The eggs are soaked and boiled in prepubescent boy’s urine. Vendors collect the urine from local schools everyday according to chef Lu Ming, the younger the boys, the better their urine. “The urine is gathered from local schools and the very best comes from boys under 10 years old,”

Then the eggs – which have official cultural significance status – are boiled in the urine, first with their shells on and then with them off for a day and a night. The process takes about a day to complete before they can be served ‘fresh’ and sell for 1.50 Yuan or about 23 cents.

The eggs known as Tong Zi Dan (Boy Egg) have been a treat in parts of China for hundreds of years and if Chinese culture officials have their way, we could be seeing these available around the world. “We are having a big export push because we want people outside China to fully appreciate the delicacy of our cuisine,” according to Chef Lu Ming in an article from the Qianjiang Evening Post. However not everyone is a big fan of these ‘boy eggs’. Mr. Li who was quoted in the article said, “The smell kills me. I feel like throwing up at the thought of it."



  1. It's sort of like how nobody ever wants to try my grandma's diarrhea smoothies. People are always so quick to judge.

  2. I won't knock it until I try it, but I think trying it would be the hard part.