Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lets Get Serious Here For A Minute or 10

After mulling over the ongoings on the interwebs regarding wikileaks and the subsequent attacks performed on certain sites in efforts to help the organizations owner.

I ask you this, What if wikileaks is a US government (CIA or other) front used as a premise to introduce the true censorship of the internet?

What if they knew the counter attacks would happen as they are right now, to make a case to bill makers in Washington to finally censor the freedoms we enjoy on teh interbutts?

Still don't believe me?

Read CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks


  1. Ouch, yeah that could possibly be it. It would scare a lot of people and they'll think twice about leaking any important fact

  2. Censorship causes blindness. haha.
    Never thought about wikileaks that way though I'm not really into politics.

  3. This could be a conspiracy and I would also like to read a bit more about this, but your link doesn't work. Would you mind fixing it please? Thanks

  4. The kiddies at Operation Payback are giving the RIAA & MPAA's stooges in Congress plenty of ammunition at the moment.

    Censorship of textual ideas is pretty much impossible. They'll keep trying to censor 800MB .AVIs in the name of "Homeland Security" though.

  5. Censorship causes more censorship.

  6. Things like these make me fucking pissed off

  7. I'm not really getting into the whole war thing.

  8. Mr. Bouchard. I will post the link as is.
    It is working for me.
    I apologize.