Monday, October 4, 2010

New York police shoot, kill man who threatened to 'kill some cops'

A man who called New York City's 911 center twice early Sunday, threatening to "kill some cops," was later shot and killed by police when he charged at responding officers with a knife.
Officers first used a Taser gun on Emmanuel Paulino, 24, then shot him when he continued to lunge at them, according to the New York police department.
He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Transcripts of the calls showed someone ready to pick a fight
911 Operator: "911 Operator, where is your emergency?"
Suspect: "Yeah, I want you to call the cops cause I'm ready to kill."
911 Operator: "What?"
Suspect: "I'm ready to kill some cops right now."
911 Operator: "You're ready to kill some cops? Where are you?"
Suspect: "Yeah, [lists address], New York, I'm right here, outside."
Operator: "OK so what's going on there?"
Suspect: "Yeah, I'm ready to kill cops right now."
Operator: "Oh, OK."
Suspect: "OK, yeah, get em, I'm [Inaudible] I'll be right here."

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  1. Even tough he was up to some terrible bad things, shooting him is not the right answer.

  2. sheesh, there really is some crazy people out there!!!

  3. It`s not like they COULDN`T respond to that - and I`m glad that it worked out the way it did and not the other way around...

    Shitbirds are everywhere, and we`re not running out of any of them.

  4. Oh, man. There sure are some crazies in the world. -__-;